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We primarily use our catahoulas to work in the woods but sometimes make it to the NALC shows and some open cow dog trials. We do not usually use the same team of dogs at every trial so our cow dogs do not usually stack up a bunch of points. Our intent is to show all Croft dogs have strong working ability, not just a chosen few.


Rufus Croft, above, showing at NALC Florida show in 1997, winning the Novice Plaque.


 2000 NALC Reserve High Point Male Cow Dog, Ms.  11/00

Croft's Showtime Tuf. Shown at 2 years. The Ms trial was Showtime's second cowdog trial and third time on cattle since he was about 6 months old. , son of Bluegate's Dube, below, Click here for Showtime's pedigree. Click back to return to this page.


Kim started showing in conformation so she would have something to do while at the dog shows which usually span 2 days.


2000 NALC La: 3 - 6 months male puppy 1st place (Fall show).

2000 NALC La: Best of Show Puppy (fall show).

2000 NALC Ms 6 - 9 months old male 1st place (11/00)


Croft's Colt. Shown above at 6 weeks and almost 6 months, 9+ months working cattle. Colt has an enormous personality and at less than 4 months old already started showing great interest in working stock. He is a real people pup. Litter mates Croft's Striker is working on becoming a K-9 officer and Croft's Rocky Angel graduated at the head of the class in Companion Obedience at 5 months of age. Click here for pedigree. Click back to return to this page.


1999 NALC Tx: 3 - 6 months femals puppy 3rd place.

2000 Produced 2000 Fall NALC La. Best of Show Puppy.


Croft's Mandy. Shown above at about 4 months and 1 year. Mandy is a half sister to Croft's Sugar, below. Sweet tempered and gorgeous, she has proven to be an excellant stock dog as well, receiving 60 cowdog points at her first trial (and second time on cattle, usually working horses). Her first litter (April 2000) produced some outstanding puppies and we look forward to see how they develop. Croft's Colt (above) won Best of Show Puppy LA; 1st place 6-9 mo male MS and already showed great interest in working stock at 4 months. Croft's Striker is located in Virginia, destined to become a great K-9 "officer". Croft's Rocky Angel graduated at the head of his class in Companion Obedience at 5 months of age. Click here for pedigree. Click back to return to this page.


1998 NALC Tx: 6 - 9 month female puppy 1st place.

1999 NALC Tx: 1 year femald had a litter 3rd place.


Croft's Sugar. Shown above at 3 months and 1 year old. Sugar turned out to be a class A cow dog, producing class A cow dogs. We sold her after two litters. Her full sister, Jade, went to TX and I heard would work a hog, also producing some jam up pups, both cow and hog dogs,  herself (reference Weaver page, for one). Click here for pedigree. Click back to return to this page. (Deceased)


1996 NALC Fl:  9 - 12 month male puppy 4th place, Major class.
1998 NALC La: 1 year has sired NALC litter 3rd place, Major class.
1998 NALC Ms: 1 year has sired NALC litter 4th place, Major class.
2001 NALC MS: Senior Males, 1st Place.
Males, 1st Place
2002 NALC FL


Bluegates Dube. Dube was our male pick of the litter as part payment for a pair of catahoulas we sold as a bred pair. Dube is a tough stock dog and will really go after a coon! He has the personality of Scooby Doo with the air of an aristrocrat. He is the daddy of Croft's Showtime Tuf, above.  Click here for pedigree. Click back to return to this page.


Pre-Junior Showmanship is a NALC class for children under 7 years of age. They all get a first place trophy. An adult must accompany the child in the class. Only a catahoula with a reliable temperment can be trusted in a small show ring filled with small children and other catahoulas. Our son loves to show in this class and has shown: Bluegates Dube (2 times), Croft's Teddy(2 times), Cracker's Tuf (2 times); Croft's Mandy and Croft's Jolie. Below are photos of some of these events.


Cracker's Tuf

2001, MS Dube

Croft's Teddy


Croft's Jolie, Caleb's own puppy out of his own gyp, shown at 4 months and she did really super for him.