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 Croft's Rocky Angel

Left, at 7 weeks. Right at 1 year.

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If the Croft's Rocky Angel story isn't a prime example of the true versatility of a Croft Catahoula I don't know what would. Litter mate to Croft's Striker and Croft's Colt, and owned by a girl in Arkansas, Rocky entered Companion Obedience class at an early age and graduated at the head of his class by age 5 months. Rocky's owner said his only problem was getting bored while waiting for the other dogs in the class to catch up. Click here for his pedigree. Rocky's owner lost her engagement to her fiance, lives with her parents full time and could no longer keep Rocky. At 9 months of age he returned to us. We put him on cattle a few times.  Since one of our cow dog trial team members had a new litter Rufus put him on the team (as a sidebar, Rufus has become famous at the NALC cow dog trials for using dogs on his team - sometimes the entire team - that have only been on cattle once or twice).. Rocky did a pretty fair job considering he had only been on cattle 4 or 5 times. Then at 15 months old, after a demonstration on cattle, Rocky moved to Central Texas along with two of our older dogs to work cattle full time and maybe do some hog hunting on the side. Click back to return to this page after viewing pedigrees.

OBEDIENCE CLASS AS A PUP: I visited Rocky's class one day in august and took some photos. Rocky has a pink dot under him. Rocky had an added distraction in his class. His barn buddy, a young great dane was in his class also. I believe Rocky was the youngest dog in the class, along with a rotweiller  pup.


Striking out across a large parking lot, headed for the edge of a busy road.


Practicing "sit". Instructor is standing on the retaining wall. They are facing a 7 lane busy road, with their back to the drive through section of a bank. The idea is your dog must obey you even in a scary, echo-y place for it's own safety. Rocky had the added distraction of a dead bird which just happened to be next to where their spot was. Rocky looks ready and waiting, his buddy is immediately to his left..


They went through the bank drive through and traveled to the other side of a busy drive into the parking lot, sitting on decorative rocks. Rocky waits for the rest of the class to catch up.


In this exercise the class practices sitting in a row while the left-most dog walks from the left end to the right end of the row. The walking dog then practices sitting at the right end while the next dog from the left walks down the row until all dogs have walked past the other dogs. The dog (black and white) immediately behind Rocky is Rocky's playmate from home..


Same exercise as above, only now it is Rocky's turn to practice the "sit". Dog shown walking is Rocky's barn buddy. Thanks to Petco, Inc. and the class instructor Donna for allowing me to photograph this class. The instructor works  on a personal basis primarily with rotweillers and rescued dogs. She also works with agression problem dogs.

Croft's Rocky Angel, 1 year old cow-dog, now residing in Texas on a ranch.