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 Go Dick Go/Three Bars Pending

For daddy's photo and pedigree click here.

2/26/2001 AQHA Filly - Chestnut, a few white hairs on forehead. Photos updated on 5/4/01. . Complete Pedigree Below Photos.


Photos below are at one week.


2/26/2001 Filly, Chestnut, few white hairs on forehead, Dam AQHA Sweet Little Chick
Registered American Quarter Horse, Name Pending

                                              Three Bars
                               Three Chicks   Chicado V
                   Fan Ran Nipchic
                                               Johnny Dial
                               Fan Ran Nippi   Tapp N Go 
       Mr. Illinoian                           Three Bars
       Sire: Red Dun           Fair Bars       Lady Fairfax
                   Bars Supreme
                                               Sugar Bars
                               Bandit Bars     Amarillo Pride
                                               Three Chicks   Three Bars
                                                              Chicado V
                               Fan Ran Nipchic
                                               Fan Ran Nippi  Johnny Dial 
                                                              Tapp N Go
                   Mr. Illinoian                              
                                               Fair Bars      Three Bars
                                                              Lady Fairfax
                               Bars Supreme
                                               Bandit Bars    Sugar Bars
                                                              Amarillo Pride
      Sweet Little Chick                                             
       (Dam: Chestnut)                        Little Dick Priest     
                               Go Dick Go
                                              Miss Array
                  Sue Bar Alice                      
                                              Glass Moon
                               Alice Baraka
                                              Alice Barak

"Sweetie" is bred back to Mr. Illinoian (red dun, 31% Three bars) for a 2001 foal.

Most folks don't realize that Three Bars was one of the most prevelant influences
on the most saught after bloodlines of the past 20 years. Some of his most
famous get and grand-get include: Doc Bar, Impressive, Sugar Bars, Goldseeker Bars, 
Mr. Bar None, Kid Meyers, The Ole Man, Three Chicks, Triple Chicks, Little Lena's Bar,
Gay Bar King, Lightning Bar, St. Bar, Rocket Bar, Rocket Wrangler, Jet Deck, Otoe,
 Jewels Leo Bars (better known as Freckles) and many others. 
Three Bars is a great compliment to any other foundation bloodline.